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Joke's Mission

To inspire & instill confidence
in those who have been
laughed at,
& overlooked
by the hands of normality through
fashion, art, & music

Our products are "not made for the normal. Normal is defined as: conforming to a standard. We ask who created the standard?

With visual art, clothing design, & music

we create products that spark

genuine conversation.

Joke's On Us clothing represents ownership of the perspectives placed on every single one of us

By understanding the
"Joke's On Us"
we are empowered by awareness. Focusing that awareness into positive change for the world

Our garments range from ready-to-wear seasonal collections to handpicked / up-cycled / reconstructed pieces

Joke's Art Gallery represents the urge to express a visual stream of thought & influence

The visual art we create holds a metaphorical weight & direction

It's purpose is to inspire individuals to show the world how we think, act & perceive, in reaction to our personal, environmental, & artistic influences 

JokeStar (noun): An individual who, despite being criticized or made fun of, sticks to their goals & eventually shines

JokeStar Music represents the sonic mission of Joke's through lyrics spoken with intention mixed over carefully selected instrumentals

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